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Why a Wellness Routine Must Amid Covid-19


We were all locked down for nearly 4 to 5 months in our homes, not going out for work, no schools, and no other work. Now gradually states are opening up even if the pandemic is not yet over we are bound by the fact that we just can’t sit at home and have no work. The economy is decreasing, GDP has reduced to a very low rate. 

In between all this, we are also concerned about our health and wellness, with that of following all the safety precautions and maintaining social distancing to be safe in this pandemic.

People who were following their busy schedule plus their fitness routine are now struggling to engage in fitness activities and self-care activities.

At this time it is very necessary to make a routine for yourself and follow it. Be sure that you remain healthy and at the same time also safe from this disease.

I am not talking about spending time in the gyms, visiting the Spa, or getting healthy meals prepared regularly from a chef. In fact, the routine should be easy and should be prepared by you so that you can easily follow that will benefit you to remain fit and healthy. It only requires effort, dedication, and commitment.

These personalized routines can help you to shift from your unhealthy living lifestyle to adopting healthy habits. It will also help you to focus on your goals as your mind and body will be healthy enough to make time for other work and to do it perfectly. Following healthy habits has always its benefits such as it reduces stress, anxiety, and helps you to stay calm.

Some major things that you must add in your wellness routine are exercise, sleep time, good food and nutrition, and stress management.

This period is the best time you can shape up yourself to live a healthy life.

How To Create Your Own Wellness Routine

The key factor in creating your own wellness routine is to make a manageable routine that you can easily follow plus having a decent amount of dedication and will to follow it.

Here are some tips on how to make your own routine 

Set Regular Timings For Sleeping and Eating

Studies tell us that people you follow these two things well are the ones who feel better and live a healthy life.

For Sleep: One of the most important things that most people neglect is a proper sleep schedule. We know that everyone’s sleep timings are different but the ideal time to aim is for at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. This helps you to balance the stress and your adrenal load. Try not to use gadgets before sleeping as it radiates harmful waves and always try not to keep any type of electronic gadgets by your side while you are sleeping.

For Eating: Food and nutrition are the two things you need to follow along with your sleep schedule. This means eating at popper time, eating healthy food, and avoiding junk food. Regardless of the pattern you choose, aim to eat at least every four hours, which prevents blood sugar from crashing and can lead to overeating. It’s also recommended to make a list before going to the grocery store so that it prevents you from buying unwanted stuff. Plan your every meal and make it in a way that it becomes healthy and it must have protein, starch, and other nutrition.


Not necessary that you should go to the gym but instead of the gym choose walking, running, and cycling. Fact that you should follow the basic principle of social distancing and making an ideal distance of around 6 feet from everyone. Many gyms and fitness and yoga instructors are also offering virtual classes right now. You can use different household items for weights. There are plenty of exercises that you can perform using different things but the only thing is that you have to be creative and have to maintain a good form to reduce possible injuries. And take comfort in the fact that physical activity doesn’t have to mean a gym-style workout. Many studies show that everyday activities like walking, gardening, and cleaning slash your risk of premature death and improve your overall health.


Following all the above things and missing this one would be a great mistake. Postponing your regular check-up avoiding consultation is not a great idea. If you think Covid-19 is stopping you from visiting hospitals and clinics then it’s better recommended to call your doctor’s office or hospital before arriving, as they may direct you to follow certain containment procedures. These things add up to more serious consequences when ignored. It’s also important to prioritize self-care.

So these were some of the most important tips while you are preparing your wellness routine. Try to maintain the same level of dedication throughout the schedule. Morning is a nice time to start integrating things you didn’t have time for previously and following the things you have written down for today. Always shut down your day with a bit of yoga so that it will help you to drain away all the toxic vibes from your body and will help you to remain calm for the rest of the time till the next day