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These are the Biggest Health and Wellness Trends in 2020


Each new season presents new trends, alongside changing weather — whether it’s in the domain of fashion, home decor, or health trends. Even then, once it comes to fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, it can be incredibly hard to discern which trending health concepts are worth incorporating and which are best left untouched. The health and wellness trends that will never fade away at the end of the day are the ones that concentrate on authentic, whole aspects of the food and lifestyle.

The trends in health and wellness, which will stand the test of time are the ones which are not trends at all. It all is about a modest eating method combined with consistent physical activity. Start educating yourself on emerging trends all the time and, let us confront it, there are a lot of things out there which science doesn’t back up. They sound like a good idea, but they don’t give health benefits in the long run.

Hybrid Fitness

Virtual training is one of the most significant trends that we’ve seen in 2020. This trend allows people from the convenience of their own homes to get personal training and coaching. It helps newbies to get the benefits of exercise without going to the gym, which can be intimidating after all. Taking up workout subscription services online is currently a popular trend. They are lower in price and more efficient than attending classes in the studio. Digital subscription services represent the way to the future. In 2020, real-life and online fitness will work, from a broader perspective, to complement instead of competing with one another.

The other advantage of trendy fitness studios making investments in subscription content implies fitness enthusiasts can participate in the latest workout sessions and have access to highly demanded instructors in places without those bricks and mortars present in gyms.


Intuitive Eating

Rather than calorie counting and having to follow an enthusiastic detox, experts suggest having into intuitive eating as a way of getting back to fundamentals. This is synonymous to relying more on the quality of your diet as much as learning to identify why you reach for certain foods, and how it all affects your mood and energy levels. It is all about knowing and understanding and respecting what your body needs to function. You’ll see when you’re hungry when you’re full and when you’re satisfied, by learning to listen to your body. Studies show how this technique with mealtimes is a much more beneficial solution for developing practical, healthy eating habits and is attributed to better psychological health.


Mental Health and Therapy

The veil of the taboo concerning mental wellbeing seemed to have been loosened in 2019, as influencers spoke out about their inner conflicts, and research grew across the therapeutic and mood-boosting advantages of practising mindfulness and meditation. There is also an explosion of apps to assist our inner world, like the Headspace Meditation App, or TalkSpace, an app in which you can connect with a licenced therapist through text, voice memos, and videos.

The World Health Organization estimates that at some point in their lives, 25 per cent of all people will be affected by mental or neurological disorders, with about 450 million people presently battling with a condition. Regretfully, treatment is far from the general trend: A health professional is never sought help from by nearly two-thirds of those living with a mental disorder. Progressively, the analysis report explains, technology is helping to plug away from the traditional obstacles of prejudice, cost, and time investment linked with accessing mental health services.

Increasing Interest in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, or an ancient Indian system centred on the equilibrium between mind, body, and spirit, is hardly anything new. That being said, to the Western world as overall trends switch from treatment to prevention strategies, more people are starting to move to integrated ways of nourishing and healing themselves.

Tongue scraping, for example, is the latest dry-brushing. It is an Ayurvedic practise with cleansing ritual and oral hygiene self-care that you can do every day to eliminate toxins, bacteria, food debris and dead cells from the tongue’s surface. Our digestive system, when we sleep, aims to remove undigested toxins from our body that carry them to the surface of our tongue. That’s why scraping away such toxins is so important before doing anything else after you wake up. Or else the body will absorb them and can result in digestive problems and a weak immune system.


A Healthy Glowing Skin

The hyper-focus on skincare is yet another trend that is expected to skyrocket in 2020. People have seen the rise of multi-step Korean skincare routines, indie beauty products venturing sustainability and natural plant-based ingredients in the last decade. Growing popularity in the specialist knowledge of dermatologists, combined with a highly informed consumer crowd, is boosting the skincare market’s growth.


Fitness During Pregnancy

In 2020, we can see the rapid increase in pregnancy and childbirth-specific workouts (and the studios specializing in them) as women want to look to wellness to plan for giving birth and ease the labour and delivery complexities. Evermore women are working out for the majority of their pregnancies (with the consent of their gynaecologist). It can make a recovery and even delivery much more comfortable at the post-birth. It’s all about seeking safe exercise programs which fit effectively for future mothers.


Rest and recharge

As we were rolling foam, going to minimize our screen time in the house, there is still plenty of space in 2020 to reform the way we are recovering in modern times today. For instance, the reason is that most of these generic sleep solutions disregard the simple facts of circadian biology and our everyday lives. Expect to hear more on circadian health (our cycle of sleep-wake) while more research hits the news.



Although not a revolutionary concept, I believe more individuals in their daily lives will adopt the practice of mindfulness. Whether that’s placing away your phone when having a meal to chew and appreciate every bite, or pulling a few minutes out of every day to meditate, we all can gain from becoming more conscious and fully present at any particular moment.