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9 Uncommon Wellness Tips that You Can Actually Stick To In 2020!


When it comes to wellness tips, most of the times, we find the same or similar suggestions being given over and over. Most of these look appealing in their first impression but are not that easy to be implemented in our daily lives, especially in the highly unusual circumstances for everyone this year in 2020. Here we have for you some uncommon wellness tips that are easy to stick to, even in your quarantines

Don’t join the cleansing and detox trends

Summer is a peak time to see the social media boast of people doing juice cleansing or fasting. Don’t be joining them. Everyone’s body is instinctively designed to control its detoxification. From both the liver and skin to our small intestine, we are biochemically configured to excrete waste from both natural metabolism and the environment naturally. Cleanses damage your metabolic activity with a continuous cycle of under-eating and over-eating. To allow your body cleanse itself, eat a balanced diet with enough fruit and vegetables, healthy fats and high protein. Drink lots of water every day and quit alcohol.

Take a Digestive Walk

It’s just a walk you should consider taking in 20 minutes after you’ve eaten. The digestive process triggers our metabolism to accelerate temporarily (thermal effect) for approximately 20 minutes. Going for a quick walk also gives a substantial boost to the metabolic activities. Combining light walking with thermal effects of food improves the metabolism by around 20%, contributing to a slight increase in caloric burns. This can make a massive difference in the long run.

The walk need not be long. Even strolling for ten minutes like around the block can make a difference. There is also another excellent thing to adopt this habit. That is, it combines the habit of walking with the habit of eating. Research indicates that when we create a new routine by coupling it with something that already exists, it is far more likely to stay.


Take deep breaths for five minutes

Often termed as diaphragmatic or belly breathing, that little simple process can help to mitigate tension, increase relaxation, and reduce the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Besides, research has also shown that deep breathing via the nose rather than the mouth improves cognitive-behavioural performance, like fear segregation and memory recovery. Individuals could do this anyplace: inhale slowly and deeply until your belly is wholly inflamed, then exhale. It helps to relax you quickly, and it calms your stress. 


Veggies For Breakfast

Vegetables ought to be the backbone of our diet, but many of us are missing the mark. Vegetables incorporate the vital vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the health of every organ, particularly the brain and small intestine. Nutritionists urge their clients to begin each day with a green smoothie, a sizeable salad, a cup of freshly made vegetable soup. These are fulfilling, they have fibre for the belly, and then they’re going to help you be ready for the day forward.


Ditch your weight-loss resolution

Place your plans for weight loss on the back foot. This sounds crazy, but concentrating on losing weight may set you up for unhealthy habits, mainly if caloric intake-cutting is considered. Place practical priorities over expectations.

These goals could be moving more, cooking more often at home rather than ordering food from a restaurant, or getting better sleep. All of this may lead to weight loss. Goals and objectives typically support the big picture while priorities help us build a more actionable strategy to achieve those goals ultimately. If we concentrate exclusively on that goal, then we forget the road that takes us there. In doing so, we can quickly switch to unsustainable, immediate fix solutions.


The 30-second plank exercise

Hold for 30 seconds, once each day, a low plank on your elbows. It does not sound like a daunting task, but training the core muscles correctly can have a lot of advantages than one might assume. These include improving posture and reducing back pain from weak muscles. If all muscles are involved, it can strengthen the elbows, quadriceps and gluteal muscles. This will eliminate undue strain from the hips and reduce the risk of injury.


Increase fibre in your diet

Most Americans have around half the fibre they need every day, so improving fibre intake can go a long way to overhauling their wellbeing. Having enough fibre can help control your hunger, and one research suggests that raising your fibre intake to 30 g every day will help you lose weight almost as efficiently as complex diet modifications. You can obtain fibre from a wide range of sources, like vegetables, fruits, pulses (beans and legumes), nuts, seeds, and whole grains. If you’re not used to a diet loaded of fibre, lessen this amount and make sure to drink lots of water as well.


Exercise appointments for yourself

Usually, exercise resolutions do not work, since the people making them don’t think about their schedule. A general desire to workout is not sufficient; it must be followed by a strategy about how exercise can fit directly into daily life. Other things like jobs or social activities tend to prevent busy people from having a higher priority over their health or fitness. Handle your scheduled exercise time like you’d handle a doctor’s appointment or a boss’s meeting. Please place it in your schedule, and always turn up!


Place fresh flowers in your home and outside to lift your mood

Flowers are an excellent spiritual medicine, overflowing of healing power and symbolic importance. For instance, roses are not only a powerful symbol of love and purity but also a therapeutic symbol for rage, irritability, over-stimulation, heat stress and work overload. If you are finding relief from conflicting emotions, you may merely look at them, smell them or perhaps even apply rose petals to your bathwater. Try growing a wildflower garden with little maintenance (to support the endangered bee population) at your place. Consider a simple, plantation-direct floral subscription if you’d like to automate the presence of flowers throughout regularly.